“In the spring a young man’s fancy…

…lightly turns to thoughts of love.” ~ Locksley Hall (1835) by Alfred Lord Tennyson 

Don’t worry; I haven’t gone academic on you, but that bit of Tennyson’s poem, Locksley Hall, is probably one of the most remembered from our school days. 

As our lives move in cycles around our calendars we find that many romances culminate in springtime and summer marriages. Maybe yours did. The happenings of romance never cease to amaze.

Events and experiences help mix and mingle people’s lives that often bloom into romance. And we usually love to hear the details of how people met and bonded their relationship into romantic friendship. 

As a relatively new author, I’m a very lucky guy. When I’m working on a novel I fall in love with most of my female characters. They’re such wonderful women. Yes they have a few flaws, but they find an inner resilience that takes them through the story. And I do have fun watching them grow and eventually get their share of a happy ending. I make sure they meet some pretty exciting men and women along the way. That always adds to the story.

So if you read contemporary romance you might like Hot Deal, Hot Snow, Perfect Match, and Dilemma. All four are set in the North Carolina Mountains. And I might mention, Perfect Match is free in all e-book formats. You can check them out, and read a free preview of each on my Author Pages: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple iBookstore

Enjoy the spring!


Perfect Reading for Changing Seasons

HOT SNOW and HOT DEAL are unfolding on your calendar as you’re reading this post. The two novels will take you through the seasons of snow then transport you through spring, summer, and autumn.

Both novels will warm your heart as emotions tangle in the drama of simmering romance. With a touch of humor and plenty of romance and suspense, your e-reader will thank you. HOT SNOW and HOT DEAL are available in all formats through your favorite online bookseller.

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Read an E-Book Week – March 2-8, 2014

Celebrate; read e-books this week!

Thanks and congratulations to Mark Coker, pioneer of Smashwords, for his streak of independence and exploring new opportunities for writers to self-publish so independent readers would have broader choices of reading material. Smashwords just passed publishing their 10 Billionth word in less than six years. Almost 89,000 writers pounding away on their keyboards publishing 289,000 titles at Smashwords made that possible.

During Read an E-Book Week you can check Smashwords’s home page for their catalog listing of FREE and discounted e-books. Check-out your favorite genres and load up your e-reader. Smashwords offers multi-formats for all devices. You’ll even find PERFECT MATCH among the free listing. So celebrate with some of your favorite genres and don’t be afraid to try an unknown author. You might discover a new friend in the world of writing and reading. Smashwords

Winter Reading

The winter holidays are waning, the Super Bowl is history, and Valentine’s Day disappeared with that last bite of candy. But there are still plenty of winter days ahead. This is a good time to add to your reading list, settle around your hearth, and spend some quality time with a book from your favorite genre.

But don’t be afraid to try a different genre for a change of pace. I do that from time to time. It’ll add interest to your reading plans. If you haven’t tried the romance genre, try it; you might like it. And if you’d like two books that are connected by a couple of characters and the same town setting, you might be interested in HOT SNOW and HOT DEAL. They will bring you heat for the days of winter.

Keep in mind that Amazon makes the first 10 percent of a book available for you to preview online. Smashwords usually offers 20 percent of a book for review. Barnes & Noble also offer previews. It’s a great way to shop in the comfort of your home by making a few clicks on your reading device (Kindle, NOOK, iPad, etc.).

Happy reading!